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Arduino Wireless Sd Shield

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Wireless Sd Shield
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Optimize your computer enthusiasts capability via the Wireless Sd Shield a great part from Arduino. I in fact liked that the item has communicate wirelessly using a wireless module. Additional features include can communicate up to 300 feet outdoors and can communicate up to 100 feet indoors. 608819327204 is the UPC barcode also called the "Universal Product Code", for this product. To purchase the product now at the cheapest price, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

The Wireless SD shield allows an Arduino board to communicate wirelessly utilizing a wireless module. The shields breaks out every single from the Xbee's pins to a through-hole solder pad. The microcontroller on the board will be bypassed. Also on board is a switch allowing for control through USB or the microcontroller. Data sent from the microcontroller will be transmitted towards the computer via USB too as getting sent wirelessly by the wireless module. It is based on the Xbee modules from Digi, but can use any module with the really identical footprint. SPI also relies on pins 11, 12, and 13 for communication. It may possibly be utilized as a serial/usb replacement or you can put it into a command mode and configure it for a range of broadcast and mesh networking options. When in the Micro position, the DOUT pin from the wireless module is connected towards the RX pin of the microcontroller; and DIN is connected to TX. When employing the SD Library to access the card, Pin 4 is CS and cannot be utilised otherwise. Note that the RX and TX pins from the microcontroller are nonetheless connected for the TX and RX pins (respectively) of the USB-to-serial converter. This signifies that the module can communicate straight with the computer. The Wireless SD shield has an onboard switch labelled Micro and USB. With the switch inside the USB position, the DOUT pin the wireless module is connected to the RX pin of the USB-to-serial converter, and DIN on the wireless module is connected towards the TX pin in the USB-to-serial converter. The module can communicate up to 100 feet indoors or 300 feet outdoors (with line-of-sight ). Included on board is a SD card slot. This determine how the Xbee's serial communication connects towards the serial communication between the microcontroller (ATmega8 or ATmega168) and USB-to-serial chip on the Arduino board. The microcontroller will not be programmable via USB in this mode. The wireless module will then communicate with all the microcontroller.


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