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Wi Fi Shield V2. 0 For Arduino 802. 11B Wi-fi Certified

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Wi Fi Shield V2 0 For Arduino 802 11B
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Sain Store Inc

Searching to buy the latest Arduino computer? The Wi Fi Shield V2. 0 , a great part made by Sain Store Inc is a superb Arduino for your geeks! I definitely loved that the product has the feature of supports both infrastructure (bss) and ad hoc (ibss) wireless networks. Buying the Wi Fi Shield V2. 0 .

Specifications Mega has charging and discharging function, the charging circuit is employed to tell voltage of the battery. We bring comparator to check the operating present of Cuhead Mega so you know it is Arduino giving energy to Mega or the opposite way, and modify the charging circuit to connect/disconnect according to that. 802. 1i * Security: WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA-2-PSK) Single operating voltage: 2. 0V ). 6V (3. We can connect the positive and negtive with the battery to BAT, if the battery is full, then Mega wont charge battery; if it is not, the external battery is going to be charged. 7V-3. 1x, 802. 11-compliant RF Transceiver Serialized unique MAC address Data Rate: 1 and 2 Mbps IEEE Std. 484 GHz operation 14 Channels selectable individually or domain-restricted DSSS Modulation Mega MAC/Baseband Features * Hardware CSMA/CA acce ss control, automatic ACK, and FCS creation and checking * Automatic MAC packet retransmit * Hardware Security Engine for AES and RC4-based ciphers * Supports 802. When UNO connect Arduino, there are two working status : 1) Connect Arduino with USB/Adaptor, Arduino gives power to UNO, the charging circuit on UNO will disconnect ; 2) No external power for Arduino, then the charging circuit of UNO is working, and also the battery will power the boards. 802. 400-2. 6V~6. It is tough to complete so by fixed resistance. 11b/g/n compatible Integrated PCB antenna (MRF24WB0MA) Range: up to 400m (1300 ft. Normally we give energy to Arduino directly, thus the charging circuit is inactive. Wi-Fi Transceiver Module Features IEEE Std. The new added potentiometer is to adjust the voltage to any value necessary (by adjust AMS1117 Vin to 5. 3V typical) Wi-Fi Transceiver Module RF/Analog Features ISM Band 2.


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