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Uno R3 Board Avr 2012 MEGA328P-ATMEGA16U2 (for Arduino) + Usb Cable

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Uno R3 Board Avr 2012 MEGA328PATMEGA16U2
Uno R3 Board Avr 2012 MEGA328PATMEGA16U2 for Arduino Usb Cable Image 1


Buying Arduino parts? The Uno R3 Board Avr 2012 MEGA328PATMEGA16U2 is a good Arduino computer. The Uno R3 Board Avr 2012 MEGA328PATMEGA16U2 happens to be an example of excellent product you can find on-line. Should you be wishing to purchase a Arduino, you've come to the ideal place. We offer you unique discounts just for this Arduino computer with safe transaction. I in fact liked that the item had input voltage: no external power supply when connected to the computer usb, external power supply 5v ~ 9v dc voltage input. Other features include things like support isp download function. It's dimensions are 3.15"H x 5.12"L x 1.97"W. It weighs something like 0.13 lbs. 610422241655 is the UPC for this terrific product. Should you need a great deal for this Arduino part, click on our store add to cart button on this site.

Notes:This board's producing based on the open-source arduino official schematics. The use of high-speed micro-processing controller (ATMEGA328) , the improvement of the user interface and also the atmosphere is very simple, easy to understand, very suitable for beginners to understand. Features Description: The open original design schematics, Free software interface, and also according to the requirements and modify the download process is easy and convenient. The printing or color on the board may possibly be different from each production date, but the function is exactly the same.) , make a number of interesting works. Simply use the sensor, a wide range of electronic components connection (such as: LED light, buzzer, keypad, photoresistor, and so on. Package include: 1x Uno r3 board for Arduino 1x USB cable


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