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Sun Founder 12 Modules Arduino Sensor Kit For Arduino Uno R3 MEGA2560 MEGA328 Nano

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Sun Founder 12 Modules Arduino Sensor


Often you will get lower prices when you purchase over the internet than you might in actual shops. Shopping for the latest Arduino computer? Have a look at the Sun Founder 12 Modules , a great Arduino from Sunfounder. I certainly loved that it had the kit has 12 projects and 12 sensors modules for the beginners. Getting the Sun Founder 12 Modules , add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

This new 12 Modules Sensor Kit provides all kinds of funny and completed moduels for Arduino fans. These modules will output valuable signals straight by connecting Arduino boards. com/s/wwo4nksvv5gbv65rlz6i It is incredibly easy for Arduino fancier to manage and use these modules. This kit will aid you control the physical planet with sensors. Specification: 1 Magic-ring Module 2 Hall sensor Module 3 Relay Module 4 RGB LED Module 5 two-color commoncathode LED Module 6 Microphone sensor Module 7 Analog-temperature sensor Module 8 Laser-transmit Module 9 infrared-transmit Module 10 Passive Buzzer Module 11 Obstacle avoidance sensor Module 12 Magnet-ring sensor Module Here could be the link for you to download the learning materials https://app. box.


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