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Kootek Sd Card Reader / Writer Module Slot Socket For Arduino Arm Mcu

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Sd Card Reader


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The Sd Card Reader a great product by Kootek is the right part. I actually loved that the item had the feature of arduino, stm32, msp430 or 8051 microcontroller connected sd card reader. Additional features include things like working voltage 3. 3 and 5v. It's 0.2" Height x 1.97" Length x 1.18" Width and it has got a weight of 0.02 lbs, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

Description: This SD Card Reader/Writer is perfect for a lot of Micro-controller projects (Arduino, Pic, Versalino, etc. Audio playing and/or recording. Technical Specifications: Working Voltage : 3. Processing big quantities of information with a robot, or storing/retrieving items bigger than the limited memory readily available on your microprocessor.) Including (but not restricted to) projects involving sensor also as other data logging activities. Video, Image, and other multimedia storage and retrieval for advanced embedded applications. 3 and 5V (DC Each required) Requires SPI Capable Microprocessor Size limitations are library dependent, but most microprocessors have libraries pre-coded that will support sizes upward of 1GB 7 wires necessary (including power and ground) Fits normal size SD Cards Arduino Library Features: Supported by built in library, which supplies file reading/writing/deletion/creation Easy to use examples are included with the standard Arduino IDE This might be employed for a broad range of applications from scientific data collection for biological/geological and other statistical studies in the field, to storing map data for your robots surroundings in and outside the house.


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