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Arduino Nano V3. 0

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Nano V3 0


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The Nano V3. 0 - a great Arduino part made by Arduino is a superb Arduino. I certainly loved that it had the feature of flash memory - 32 kb (2 kb used by bootloader), sram - 2 kb, eeprom - 1 kb, clock speed- 16 mhz. Additional features consist of micro-controller: atmel atmega328, operating voltage:5 v and dc current per i/o pin:40 m a. The part number for this Arduino computer is ARD-NANO30. The Arduino dimensions are 0.75"H x 1.7"L x 0.73"W. There are several producers that make electronics, with all of those varieties offering different pricing. While you are getting a part, look for an extended warranty. Be aware that extended warranties can be obtained, but they come at a cost and they are often times unnecessary. From the world-wide-web just a few clicks of the mouse away it is simple to make as little or as much basic research on the items that you want to purchase as you wish. If you want a good deal for this Arduino part, click on the market button below.


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