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Virtuabotix Bareduino Plus- Arduino Compatible Microcontroller With Power Regulator

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Bareduino Plus Arduino Compatible Microcontroller
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The Bareduino Plus- Arduino , a great product manufactured by Virtuabotix is a good product for your computer enthusiasts. I definitely loved that the item has the feature of use your regulated power rail to run as much a 1 amp bareduinos or other 5 volt devices. The Arduino part dimensions are 2"H x 1.5"L x 0.2"W and it has a weight of 0.01 lbs.

Need lots of Arduino compatible controllers, but don't need the price tag that comes with a full improvement platform? This handy small kit is perfect for any person who is experienced using the Arduino platform, and needs to contain a lot a lot far more of them in his/her next project. The Bareduino328 Plus offers the added bonus of permitting you to power off an external rail without threat to your Bareduino and other 5 Volt devices. 8 Volts Nominal 5 Volts High 5. 2 Volts) • 1 x 22 u F Capacitor (to stabilize energy rail for the duration of rapid current draw. 5 to 18 V Output Voltage Low 4. The sky is the limit, and you don't have to buy in bulk to get a great deal! Make a project on a breadboard, tie as many ATMEGA328's together as you must. Package Contents: • 1 x P-DIP ATMEGA328P-PU programmed with Duemilanove Bootloader • 3 x Through-Hole 22p F Capacitors (2 for crystal and 1 for Analog power smoothing) • 1 x Through-Hole HC-49S 16 MHz Crystal (for clock) • 1 x 5 Volt regulator (peak existing 2 A, nominal) -> (L7805ACP Input Voltage = 7.) Key Features: • Lower the price and size of your subsequent project • Ideal for minimalistic deployments • easily tie several controllers together to carry out more complex tasks than possible making use of a single Microcontroller • Greatly simplifies the process of adding energy to your device, and enables user to safely draw greater current if needed.


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