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Arduino Motor Shield R3

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Arduino Motor Shield R3
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Arduino Team

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For those wishing to buy a part I have put together some good info. Look at the Arduino Motor Shield from Arduino Team. I'm sure you will love that it comes with arduino motor shield r3 for arduino r3 and older boards. Other features include things like current sensing: 1. 65v/a and operating voltage: 5 to 12v. It's dimensions are 2" Height x 3" Length x 1.5" Width. It has a weight of 0.25 lbs. Are you looking at getting a Arduino and you are simply looking for the very best value for this on it? Or you wish to know the views of other customers before you buy this product? If that's so you happen to be at the right place, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

The Arduino Motor Shield is depending on the L298 (datasheet) , which is a dual full-bridge driver developed to drive inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors. com/viewtopic. The shield is Tinker Kit compatible, which means you can quickly create projects by plugging Tinker Kit modules to the board. Forum page with examples and a lot far more information: http://forums. nkcelectronics. It lets you drive two DC motors with your Arduino board, controlling the speed and path of each one independently. Detailed information page: http://arduino. f=26&t=951#p1071 cc/en/Main/Arduino Motor Shield R3. You can also measure the present absorption of each motor, among other features. php?


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