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Arduino Gps Shield

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Arduino Gps Shield
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Dexter Industries

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The Arduino Gps Shield is a great part for your hobbyists. I do believe you will like that it has got this feature, gps shield slides into arduino uno and duemilanove. Other features include things like sup500f receiver. and embedded antenna. Are you currently looking into buying a part and you are simply looking for the best price for this for it? Or maybe you need to know the opinions of some other clients before you purchase a Arduino part? In that case then you're in the right place.

Dexter Industries GPS Shield for the Arduino slides over the Arduino Duemilanove and delivers GPS data to the Arduino. This all-in-one GPS receiver does not require any antennae. The receiver is really a 65 channel, 10 Hz Receiver with a smart antenna built in. Slide on and go outside! The Dexter Industries GPS Shield is powered by the SUP500F Receiver from Skytraq. Serial interface is through 3V LVTTL.


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