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Arduino Fio


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Optimize your computer enthusiasts capability via the Arduino Fio a great part from Sparkfun. I in fact liked that the item has the fio has been designed to be wirelessly reprogrammable. To purchase the product now at the cheapest price, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

The Arduino Funnel I/O (Fio) is a board created by Shigeru Kobayashi, based on the original design from Lily Pad. Note: The XBee socket and FTDI connection live on exactly the exact same TX/RX pins with the ATmega328. An XBee socket is accessible on the bottom of the board. We recommend using a wireless bootloader whenever possible to stay away from this step. To bootload new firmware, you will need an external serial connection over an FTDI Basic, cable, or other serial connection. Note: The mini USB connector is utilized for battery charging only. You will must remove the XBee module while reprogramming more than serial. By using Funnel, the user can interface to sensors and/or actuators with several programming languages such as Action Script 3, Processing, and Ruby. The Fio has been designed to be wirelessly reprogrammable. Funnel is really a toolkit to sketch your idea physically, and consists of computer software libraries and hardware. Arduino Fio is compatible with Funnel. Checkout our tutorial on wireless bootloading! It has connections for a Lithium Polymer battery and consists of a charge circuit more than USB.


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